Stainless Output Drops by 267 Says ISSF

Preliminary figures released by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) show that stainless steel crude steel production decreased in the first half of 2009 by 26.7% compared to the same period of 2008. Total production for the first six months of 2009 was 10.8 million metric tons (mmt). All major regions showed lower production volumes in the first half year 2009. Only China reported an increased production volume during the period.

Excluding China, stainless steel production in the Asia region declined by 34% to 3 million tons in the first half of 2009. All stainless producing countries (except China) were affected. Reductions in production volume ranged from 10 to 50% depending on the country. Are you looking a galvanisers in Perth? No need to go anywhere else, just contact Remson Steel. China increased its stainless steel production in the period by 5.3% to 4.1 mmt. China now accounts for almost 40% of the world’s stainless steel production.
Western Europe/Africa reported a 40.5% decrease in stainless steel production during the first six months of 2009. Total output was 2.9 mmt in this period, down from 4.9 mmt for the first half of 2008.
In The Americas region, stainless crude steel production declined by 40.6% to 0.8 million tons in the first half of 2009. Production in the Eastern Europe region showed a decrease of 48.6%. Total production was just 100,000 tons, an almost negligible volume.
Comparing the first and second quarters of 2009 indicates that a significant recovery in stainless steel production may have begun. All regions, except Eastern Europe and the Americas, showed strongly increased production volumes in the second quarter. In Asia and China the increase was almost 30% above first quarter production. Western Europe/Africa reported a 20% increase in the same period.
A comparison of the market share of each of the main stainless steel grades shows there has been a recovery in the market-share of austenitic steels (300 series) compared to the levels of 2008. The market-share of ferritic grades has fallen, mainly due to the global decline in automotive production, typically a strong market for 400 series grades. The market share of chromium-manganese steels (200 series) has increased a little, largely due to an improved domestic market in China.

How to Make Your Birthday Party More Exciting

Kids always enjoy the idea of playing games or any fun activities during a birthday party and the best way to do it is to hire event planners if you want this to be an overall successful. Aside from the food that is expected in the event, kids must have something that they will surely enjoy and love to.  If you are one of parents and want to reward your kid with a lavish or perhaps a very fun birthday party, then you have to start coordinating with your event planner on what activities and things you want to have on his/her birthday.

There are a lot of things that you can have on your kid’s birthday and the following below are just of them

Hire a Clown – Clowns are common to every birthday party, you can take this as an option if you want a cheaper cost on your kid’s birthday so you can still achieve the fun and excitement on your kid’s birthday. Clowns are great entertainers and they will always find ways to catch the attention of your kids.

Hire A Magician – Magicians are also great entertainers, even the parents will be entertained with its amazing magic tricks show. It will never fail you to get entertained, as they have a lot of tricks and magic ready to show.

Hire A Candy Floss or Popcorn vending machine – Hiring a candy floss or popcorn machine is also a great way to entertain kids during an event, aside from its amazing machine producing candy floss or popcorn, the smell of it can also entice kids and while eating; they will have fun while watching the show or playing the games.

Hire Amusement – If you really want to achieve the best birthday ever for your kid, hiring an amusement is the best option you are going to take. Why? Amusements have available fun activities for your kids that they could play while they are in the party such as a bungee castle, slides, and rides. Though it may get a little expensive, you know at the end of the day all kids will surely enjoy and will bring with them the best birthday experience from you.

So here you go, these are few of the options that you can choose for your kid’s party and you’ll surely never fail to leave a smile in every kid’s face. Organizing a party might sound complicated and a lot of work, but if you don’t want headache then you can hire amusement or event planners out there that will do everything for you.

Avoiding Danger Together with Pre-Fabricated Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Installation

In advance of beginning any steel structure project attention needs to be paid to the importance of sound structure assembly practices. Prior to the project beginning the safety features required by OSHA and familiarity with local codes should be analyzed and complied with throughout all assembly stages.

With your steel building project security is key. Taught safety measures including all Government demands should be all laborers on any work location. A developing process will be accident prevention teaching and as inexperienced workers are employed for the work site the accident prevention plans should be gone over completely again. Are you looking for CNC Machining service in Adelaide you can contact Attard Engineering.

Examined for aerial obstacles like electrical lines should be the job site. Power tools ought to be functioning right and connected safely. Critical to be incorporated with all excavation work is the use of recommended and adequate reinforcing.

Equipment chosen are important to be professional caliber. At the very least protective apparel should include gloves, hardhats, rubber soled shoes, and eye protection.

Before going to the next building bay always adjoin the mainframes along with the girts and purlins when erecting any all-steel structure. If frameworks remain not supported or braced dont exit the construction site. Never cut main building framing in the field. Wind reinforcement should be positioned like the designs suggest.

Reduced using dust masks, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves should be handling of insulation material. Building insulation should never be allowed to become soaked. During the process of insulating the structure do not walk on the structural insulation or brace anything up next to it.

Personnel should know their relationship with the edge at all times while on structure roofs. Roof system segments need to be adjoined to the purlins and abutting panels to be secure to walk on. Any given steel building roof parts not properly fastened should be accessed by correctly placed walk boards. Skylights are never a work surface.

At an absolute minimum, take after the above mentioned guidelines to secure a satisfactory finalization of your all-steel structure project. Go to the steel structure fabricator or supplier or rather consult the structure assembly book furnished for answers to questions not addressed in this commentary.