Tips on Getting Typography on Your T-Shirt Right

Aside from colors, typography printing on T-shirts should also be taken into account. It may seem easy, but once you work on different words and letters, you will find that it takes a lot of practice and effort to settle on a design.


Do you still find it difficult, even at the moment? Here are some pointers that will help you get on track.

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  • Typographic composition – there are lots of ways that you compose the letters on your custom T-shirt. Round, inside out, and upside down – you name it. Skip the formalities – you are not writing a letter to the Queen of England. You are creating an expression that is to be worn by people who buy your shirt. However, this will depend on the quantity of the text that you plan to use. It will also affect on how much you can go all out with various compositions. Each character that will be a part of the T-shirt will have its life, and it creates a story just as you create all kinds of directions for it. Freely express yourself when you create your own t-shirt.
  • Read me – there are T-shirts out there wherein you can’t help but read it. Isn’t it becoming a trend right now by using quotes or some truth placed on the chest? You want to make use of this when you design custom printed T-shirts. Follow the general rule – use a few lines of text and not settle with a short sentence. You can use other printed T-shirts for sale as a reference to get an idea how long or how short this should be.
  • You need to relax – you don’t have to force yourself to create an amazing effect on your typography. In fact, you will only get paranoid if you force yourself. If you take a look at some of the most epic printed T-shirts, you will notice that they just use simple statement. Keep in mind that if you are going to wander around wearing the shirt, make sure that you feel comfortable wearing it. The custom printing company is not held liable for anything that you feel uncomfy about since you provided the design in the first place.


It will help you get inspiration from posters outdoors. Not all of them may be helpful to you, but you will get some ideas from ones that will get your attention.