Acidophilus plus is useful in enabling a person to live a full, healthy life. It contains living microorganisms which, when ingested, assist the body’s digestive tract to perform its function to the full. The immune system is also very dependent on the presence of these microorganisms which occur naturally in the body.

The gastrointestinal tract is host to over 400 different types of bacteria or flora. The majority of these are beneficial to general health while a few are not. Under normal circumstances, ‘good’ bacteria inhibit the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria.


The intestines also harbor yeast. When the proportions of yeast and bacteria become imbalanced, your health suffers. Once the beneficial flora is compromised, yeast grows apace and brings its own problems. Thrush, diaper rash, flatulence, yeast infections of the breast and vagina, cold sores, bowel problems and mood swings may all be traced to an imbalance.

A range of functions is performed by good flora. Sugars which occur naturally are converted to lactic acid and the growth of bad flora and fungi is inhibited. A number of vitamins such as the B vitamins and Vitamin K are produced. Calcium and other minerals are absorbed and normal tissue production promoted. Elimination of toxins from the body is also assisted by these good flora.

Acidophilus plus can be used to good effect in a number of circumstances. Prescription drugs such as oral contraceptives and cortisone, consumption of alcohol and becoming stressed will all impact on flora balance. Antibiotics don’t differentiate between good and bad flora but kills both types. Additional signs that gut flora is out of balance include bowel problems, indigestion, impotence, menstrual problems, chronic fungus skin infections, rashes, itching and swollen joints.

Acidophilus plus, taken regularly, maintains the balance of both types of bacteria and yeast. A more acid environment is established. Toxins are better metabolized and an outbreak of disease is less likely.

There are many factors which impinge on gut flora in today’s world. Livestock for slaughter are often fed on antibiotics which are then present in the meat and have the same effect on gut flora as prescription medicines. Pastures are sprayed with chemicals and other pollutants and these are taken in by the animals. Processed foods have high levels of less desirable nutrients but no live beneficial bacteria. Organically grown food may come from seeds that have been genetically modified.

Any live flora in our daily diet is usually absorbed well before it reaches the gut. Highly processed foods do not contain beneficial bacteria. Any fresh food that might have contained live flora is usually kept cold. This results in much lower numbers of beneficial flora.

Chlorinated water does not help beneficial gut flora. Fluoride also has an negative effect. The sugar substitute, aspartame, prevents the proper functioning of digestive enzymes and destroys up to half the beneficial gut flora. Large amounts of fibre are beneficial as gut flora thrives on fibre. The digestive and immune systems will be able to operate at their peak.

If the right balance of bacteria can be maintained in the intestine, health in that area will improve. The result will be better health all round. Those who are lactose intolerant are likely to find that they are able to tolerate acidophilus plus. There are many benefits to be had from such a product. For more see


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